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Degrees were not a big deal to me. I mean why would it be? I am a full-time graphic designer with a salary enough to pay my bills. However, there was one time when I really needed one. Now, I am writing this review after receiving the Bachelor’s Degree I bought from their website.

As I mentioned, getting a degree was not among my goals in life. I was doing just fine without one. But things started to change when business got bad. My employer had to fire some of his employees.

I know that I have been in this job for a long time. But, I am also aware that it is not enough of a reason for me to stay. That is when I knew I had to raise my credentials. However, I do not have enough time to attend seminars or workshops to get certificates. Therefore, leaving me with one risky option. Buy a degree online.

Why I decided to buy an online degree

There are many ways you can get fast degrees. Schools have official online courses for people like me. But those were not fast enough. Because of my desperation to save my job, I personally asked a teacher I know. I asked her if she can help me get a degree from the school she is working at. Unfortunately, she cannot.

Instead, she told me about this website called According to her, this is a partner degree provider of their school. I can get a degree within a few weeks with only a few requirements. My friend advised me that this is the easiest and fastest degree I can get to save my job.

The benefits I got from

I did not have any expectations from this website. At first, I was very skeptical despite my friend’s recommendation. I was unfamiliar with the thought of buying degrees. I did not even know it was possible. Nevertheless, the degree I received really impressed me.

Here are some of the ways my online Bachelor’s Degree helped me:

Save my job

I bought a degree online for the sole reason of protecting my job as a graphic designer. And, I must say, my degree did its purpose very well.

My employer was very happy to see that I was willing to improve my credentials for the company. Therefore, he promised me that it will take too long before he ever thinks of replacing me.

Increase my salary

My salary also became better because I am now a degree holder. My boss told me that he now values the skills I have because he knows that I took time to study and train for it. Basically, he wanted to compensate for the resources I used to become an asset in his company.

Improve my professional relationship with my employer

One thing that I did not expect when I bought my degree is that my relationship with my boss will improve.

Before, my boss will always look upon my shoulder examining everything I do. This is as if he was always looking for mistakes. True enough, he was. He used to complain about small things. Now, he trusts me with more work and lets me do my job with full confidence.

Have more work opportunities

Thanks to my online degree, I was able to have more jobs on the side. The number of people who need my services increased. Now, I am also working as a freelancer. Clients trust me more because I am a degree holder.

I did not have any trouble using my online degree because it positively showed on my employer’s background check. Therefore, my degree is 100% real and usable.

My review and experience

My online degree was really an advantage to my career. I enjoyed the full benefits of being a degree holder. That is why I am confidently sharing this review with you.

My experience with this online degree provider was beyond what anyone can expect. I am not saying this out of exaggeration. It is all based on the benefits I enjoyed by using their products.

Okay, enough blabbering.

Here are the best things about them:

  •  They have many degree offerings. Honestly, you can find anything that you need from this website.
  • Aside from that, they also have supporting documents like IDs and official school records. I personally ordered some and it really helped in supporting my claim as a degree holder.
  • All of their documents are legal and verifiable. I liked my student ID the most because it has an official barcode. My employer was able to check its validity through a phone application.
  • My degree is original. I am sure of this because the website is an official partner of my university of choice. With that, you can check their list of partner schools if you are curious. By the way, these are all accredited schools to grant original degrees.

Aside from this, the website has other offerings like certifications and thesis makers. I do not know how well these work because I did not purchase those services. However, it is safe to assume that they work as well as the website’s degree offerings.

For people who are currently facing problems in their work, do not lose hope. I wrote this review to let you know one way you can improve your job conditions. I hope my review has opened your eyes to the benefits of buying degrees online.

Our final verdict about
7.7 / 10 Reviewer
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- A lot of degrees to choose from
- Have supporting school documents
- Offers legalization and verification
- Provides original degrees from their partner schools with real campuses
- Shows on background checks
- 24 hours customer service
- More expensive compared to other sites
- Long processing time
I am a full-time graphic designer. I was able to have a job despite not having a degree. So, I was really not into pursuing any academic goals. Getting a college degree was the least of my worries. However, I suddenly faced a problem in my career. So, I went ahead and bought a bachelor’s degree, as recommended by my friend. Hence, I am now sharing with you my review. My experience with this website was really above anyone’s expectations. Even my friend, who is a school teacher, was impressed. She and I did not know that buying degrees online can help me do more aside from saving my job.

The Bachelor’s degree I bought helped me to

-Keep my job and avoid getting fired
-Demand for higher salary
-Have a good professional relationship with my employer
-Open more opportunities in my career

Basically, because of the degree I bought from the said website, I was able to enjoy the real benefits of a degree holder.

Getting to know the website

I know many of you are still in doubt about the legality of degrees bought from third party providers. So, I am here to breakdown everything that you need to know about

-They have a lot of degrees to choose from. You can buy any kind of degree like associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. They also offer master’s degree and PhDs. -You know they are real because they evaluate their customers before they could offer their services. This is because they do not let you have a degree that is beyond your skills. Because, of course, that is too suspicious.
-They have real schools as official partners. Meaning, your degrees are all originally coming from the physical campuses.
-They also provide all kinds of academic papers. These all go through the website’s legalization and verification processes. Therefore, they are enough to prove the validity of your degree.
-Since have real accredited school partners, your degree is 100% real and will show on background check. It is basically legally usable and verifiable.

Aside from these, the website also offers real time customer service. They are available to attend to your needs 24/7.

Do note that buying a degree from this website can be expensive compared to others. But this is because they are offering legal and quality documents. Obviously, fake documents are easy to produce. Therefore, fake degree sellers do not need much capital to make them.

Also, it took some weeks to receive my degree. But, the wait is so worth it! I am aware of the website’s due processes, so I was not worried at all.

If you are looking for a place to get an instant degree, I highly recommend this website. Their services are so convenient. Plus, you are sure to receive legal accredited degrees that can be safely verified.

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